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Intacct Advantage 2017
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The current list of Advantage 2017 sessions is shown below. To refine your session search, please use the filters on the left or enter a keyword below. Click on the session title (or ID) for more details. Session details and schedule subject to change.

ADMN-093 - Build Better Custom Applications with an Implementation Partner Are you considering a custom application to enhance your financial organization? Hear a firsthand account of how a company realized success by turning to a trusted implementation partner to build and deploy a custom business application. Find out how the partner reduced costs, added operational expertise, and brought innovation and flexibility to the product. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Braam du Plooy, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau
ADMN-276 - Segregation of Duties Matter - Regardless of Company Size Segregation of Duties (SOD) isn’t just for big companies. It’s an important control point for preventing errors, misstatements, and fraud in any size company. In this session, we’ll explore the importance of segregation of duties and some options available for implementing SOD in your Sage Intacct company. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Andy Snook, Fastpath
ADMN-405-L - Enforce Policies and Automate Actions with Smart Rules and Smart Events Bring your laptop! Your unique business processes are a source of organizational power. Learn about the tools available within Sage Intacct to help you manage those processes, enforce policies, and take action. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how to improve the quality of your data entry with Smart Rules. You’ll also discover how to automate your unique processes and systems with Smart Events that can trigger actions like sending emails, updating records, and even posting data to internal and external systems using the Sage Intacct Web Services API. CPE: 2 2 Hours Hands-on Lab Russ Lemker, Sage Intacct, Inc.
ADMN-542 - Securing Your Sage Intacct Environment Your data is your company’s vital financial information, and it’s critically important to protect that data both internally and externally. Learn from Sage Intacct’s Director of Information Security about the latest security improvements and best practices for Sage Intacct user access and permissions management. Discuss security best practices, how roles can be leveraged to address security, what Sage Intacct does for you, and what you can do for yourself to make your security ironclad. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Brian Koref, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Lola Tinney, Sage Intacct, Inc.
ADMN-648 - Administering Integrations and Customizations As a Sage Intacct administrator, you see the impact of integrations and customizations on a daily basis. For better or worse, you deal with all the setup, configuration, and permissions required to keep add-ons running smoothly. Join a panel of customers who have experienced the ups and downs of integrated solutions as they discuss best practices, tips and tricks, and plain old roll-up-your-sleeves wisdom. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Panel Robert Shawgo, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Amy Jorde, Marketo
ADMN-909 - Creating Custom Documents Your business has a unique look and feel. Shouldn’t your invoices reflect that? Join us to learn how to add custom elements to an invoice or statement and how to set up those documents for use in Sage Intacct. Also, we'll share best practices, tips, and tricks for working with custom documents in Sage Intacct. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Russ Lemker, Sage Intacct, Inc.
ADMN-910 - Getting Started with Platform Services Are there processes or business functions that you wish you had available right inside your financial system? Perhaps you currently track a critical process on spreadsheets and lie awake at night hoping nothing happens to mess up all those painstakingly entered rows of information. Let us show you how to accelerate your business by taking an unsecured, manual process and turning it into a secure application that you access right inside Sage Intacct. We’ll even show you how to link it to your existing financial information. If you think you can’t create a custom application because you don’t write code, think again. Platform Services has user-friendly tools to add real functionality to your Sage Intacct company. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Louis Sterio, Sage Intacct, Inc.
BL-146 - How AI Is Changing the Finance Team Artificial intelligence presents an enormous opportunity to harness the power of data collected by finance teams and make it more actionable. However, the technology is still being developed and knowing where and when to start investing can be overwhelming. In this session, we’ll cover how to create an AI roll out strategy, starting with the most practical current applications of AI and how it will be applied to future processes, as well as the trickle down effects it will have on shaping your team. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Omar Qari, Abacus
BL-205 - Finding Big Business Value in Your Sage Intacct Investment Most Sage Intacct users experience finance labor efficiency gains in the early days of their adoption in addition to the value of the cloud. How do you show the business value of your Sage Intacct initiatives? Sometimes there are clear cost savings. Though, we find that companies are missing 4x more value due to a lack of tools and methods for predicting and measuring business value. Learn simple yet powerful techniques for measuring value, especially business efficiency, revenue enhancement, and risk (compliance, audits, and single source of truth). See how to promote your measurable success, supporting additional investment, and leading to much deserved project recognition. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Olivia Reary, Sage Intacct, Inc.
BL-286 - Using Sage Intacct to Improve Supplier Diversity Supplier diversity programs are important. Not only do they encourage the growth of more diverse businesses—they also improve your bottom line. However, these programs can be difficult to implement efficiently. In this session, you‘ll see the positive impact of supplier diversity and how a Cleveland organization called JumpStart is using Sage Intacct to track, analyze, and precisely manage their diverse spend. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Nancy Schlairet, JumpStart
Phelan Spence, JumpStart
BL-535 - Leading the Future Through Finance Transformation The finance team of the future will need to leverage technology and information even more so than today. For many companies, this will require transforming the systems and processes they currently use. This session will explore how Legendary Entertainment, a 2014 Customer Success Award recipient, leveraged the power of Sage Intacct to transform its finance function. Come and learn about a journey that began in 2012 with the conversion from Sage to Sage Intacct, and continued by using best in class applications such as Concur, AvidXchange, Adaptive Insights, and Rightsline. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Dino Gioia, Strativario, LLC
BL-599 - The Best Board Meetings For companies of all sizes, the goals of the board are unwavering: faster growth, increased valuation, and better funding. But when your board meets, are you really focusing on the strategic imperatives? Or are you bogged down in debates about metrics, data quality, and process? In this session, see how finance and boards can collaborate to optimize board meetings that accelerate business growth through better data, better insights, and better decisions. Learn how to build an impressive board deck that demonstrates your command of the business, how to prevent the “data debates” by focusing on metrics that matter and setting clear direction, and how to slash your prep time while exceeding the board’s information needs. 1 Hour Panel David Appel, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Kristina Campbell, Handle Financial
Neill Occhiogrosso, Costanoa Ventures
Tony Russo, Demandbase
BL-628 - Navigating the IPO: An Inside Look featuring GrubHub Everyone knows the end game is to ring the bell, but what exactly goes into going public? Gain firsthand insight into every angle of the IPO journey from peers who have recently experienced the process of going public. During this interactive session, attendees will learn why and how to leverage Sage Intacct to scale, as well as best practices for ramping up for fundraising, drafting the S-1, growing a team, optimizing the month-end close, getting SOX compliant, quarterly reporting, and more. 1 Hour Panel Mike Whitmire, FloQast
Brandt Kucharski, GrubHub
BL-858 - Creating Excellent Workplaces Join us for a discussion on the people side of finance and accounting. We’ll share best practices around hiring, training, and retaining the best staff for your finance team. You'll learn how to identify "growth mindset" employees, onboard new employees, and create "One Team". CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Tanya Yakhnis, Tandem HR
Ross Grainger, Web PT
CFO-902 - The Technology Playbook: Key Functionality CFOs Need to Leverage Join Sage Intacct’s CTO and VP of Product Management as they share the latest ways Sage Intacct helps CFOs boost productivity, keep the company ahead of the competition, and provide flexibility for the future. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Dan Miller, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Aaron Harris, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CFO-903 - The Future of Accounting—Global Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities A CFO Summit session you won’t want to miss. Accounting profession leader Russell Guthrie will discuss the profession's role in the global economy, its direction in the digital age, and challenges and opportunities ahead. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Russell Guthrie, International Federation of Accountants
CFO-904 - Five Questions a CFO Should Expect from the CEO The most savvy and successful CFOs are business partners with their CEO, providing valuable business insights and strategic recommendations that define the direction of their companies. They deliver value by answering business critical questions from the CEO and board before they’re asked. This panel of CFOs will share how they prepare to proactively answer the top 5 questions from their CEOs. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Panel Marc Linden, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Tauni Manasse, LeaseLabs
Douglas Boughton, Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc.
Alan Hurwitz, Continuity
CFO-905 - AI: The Next Big Thing Is Here—What It Means for the Office of the CFO Join us as a guest analyst presents insights on how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we work and the way we make decisions. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Bruce Guptill, ISG
CFO-906 - Revenue Recognition - Transitioning to ASC 606 With what’s been called the biggest change in accounting guidelines in decades, “Revenue from Contracts with Customers” or ASC 606 is poised to have a dramatic impact on how revenue and expenses impact your company financials. Learn about business case examples as well as learn what other companies are doing from the results of the Armanino Survey. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Scott Schimberg, Armanino LLP
CORE-001 - From Paper- and Employee-Based to Paperless and Function Based Learn about the design, implementation, and execution to move from a paper-based financial system and process to a paperless, single source of information accessible to all staff. In this case study on automation, you’ll see how the agency closes and reports within 5 days of month end, how the finance department has been freed from answering questions about general financial information, how external daily revenue and cash collection activity gets pushed to Sage Intacct by an automated script, how employee expense reports and vendor invoices get routed through a 3rd party app for payment approval and transferred to Sage Intacct when approved, and how payment requests get approved via Sage Intacct functionality and processed via ACH. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Harrison Paist, Los Gatos Saratoga Dept of Community Education & Recreation
CORE-009 - Introduction to AP Workbench Get the sharpest tools in the box with our new AP Workbench. Join us to learn about our new, flexible, and streamlined AP Workbench, which makes the process of paying vendors and applying credits a snap for both small and large AP teams. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Iris Adayan, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Becky Cox, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-057 - Make the Most of Approval Workflows Learn about new enhancements that add flexibility to approval workflows within Sage Intacct. Find out how to handle differences in approvals between transaction types (Purchasing and Order Entry, AP and AR, and Journal Entries). See working examples of approvals in complex purchasing configurations. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Megan Smith, CrossCountry Consulting
Roisin McClean, CrossCountry Consulting
CORE-072 - Automate Processes with Custom Applications Archaic manual processes on paper and in spreadsheets should be a thing of the past. See how automating processes using custom applications, objects, and workflows can streamline operations and add security around critical information for things like annual budget preparation, employee time off management, employee on-boarding and off-boarding, and more. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Mersea Mulat Boku, World Learning
Konstantin Lomidze, World Learning
CORE-170 - Preparing for Success with Sage Intacct Learn how our Sage Intacct Education and Support teams can equip you and your team to be successful with Sage Intacct. Learn from our support experts how to find information and answers to your questions quickly. Identify what resources are available to get you up to speed on new features coming in the next release and best practices in how to prepare for the release. Hear about our various training options. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Jami Smith, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Eliezer Bercasio, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Gail Schilling, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-172 - The Talent Challenge: How Big Data Can Uncover Human Potential

Today’s increasingly competitive marketplace paired with the low unemployment rate has made attracting, retaining and developing talent a top priority for all organizations. Workforce demographics, competitive pressures and a desire for growth are causing organizations to think holistically about their talent and the systems they leverage– and how to solve complex business challenges.

Join this session to learn from ADP experts how you can focus on your people and support your business objectives while reducing administrative chores and compliance challenges. Workforce data can offer key trends that you can use to understand your own perceived value to the business, as well as build opportunities in consulting with your clients. Streamlining the ¬flow of information between ADP® Workforce Now and ERP applications can result in less time spent on administrative tasks and more time spent on the people who help your business grow and thrive.

1 Hour Presentation Anthony Maggio, ADP
Tim Wright, ADP
CORE-194 - Streamlining AP and AR Learn tips and tricks to customize and use Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable efficiently. Also, get a sneak peak at what’s coming next for these core modules. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Iris Adayan, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Becky Cox, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-393 - Are You Ready for Sage Intacct Action? Sage Intacct Action went live in February. Have you transitioned yet? Let us show you why you’ll love it. Come and learn abut Sage Intacct’s new UI in this one-hour demo of all the bells and whistles. Get your questions answered and walk away prepared and excited to make the switch. 1 Hour Presentation Erika Tingey, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-406-L - Save Time with Import Templates Bring your laptop! When working with large quantities of information, importing directly from a data source can remove a lot of manual data entry and improve data quality. In this hands-on session, see how to import journal entries, bills, and budgets. Also learn tips and tricks to ensure success and help you decipher import error messages. CPE: 2 2 Hours Hands-on Lab Russ Lemker, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-443 - Gain Insight, Time, and Greater Efficiency Using Sage Intacct Collaborate Join us to learn how Sage Intacct Collaborate can help your organization through improved communications and process efficiencies. We’ll provide an overview of what Sage Intacct Collaborate is and how it works while sharing real-world examples. Learn how you can leverage Sage Intacct Collaborate to help provide greater insight into your data, save valuable time through efficient communication, leverage permanently recorded conversations as historical references, and provide auditors a new level of understanding. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Todd Bowlsby, The Resource Group
CORE-447 - Profit From Your Payables - Pay Vendor Invoices with your American Express Corporate Card BUSINESSES DON’T RUN ON GREAT IDEAS. THEY RUN ON GETTING THEM DONE. American Express wants to help with money and know-how so you can get business done. American Express, Sage Intacct, and mutual customers talk about the value American Express is bringing to customers inside Sage Intacct by creating frictionless B2B payments. 1 Hour Panel George Hansen, American Express
Alliah Mohamed,
Sean Kennedy, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-467 - Are You 1099-Ready? The end of the year is fast approaching. Are you 1099-ready? If not, this session is for you. See how to set up 1099s for both vendors and employees and how to run 1099 reports. Learn how to limit 1099s to specific transactions (or include all transactions). Did you forget to mark a transaction for reporting? We’ll show you how you can add, correct, and quickly fix 1099 information. We’ll also show you how to print 1099s and understand which fields are auto-filled from your company. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Lola Tinney, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-528 - Extreme Workflows: Oversight and Policy Enforcement Do you have the necessary control of and insight into your increasingly complex business workflows? If not, learn how to add approvals to key workflows within Sage Intacct. Workflow approvals enable you to put key controls in place to help you automatically enforce policy and add oversight within your organization. In this session, we’ll look at areas that support approvals and share tips and tricks on configuring and customizing these workflows. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation John Tiso, JMT Consulting
CORE-593 - Sage Intacct MVP Experts Share Industry Insights Are you seeking industry insights from Professional Services or Software experts? Do you want to learn how to succeed with multiple entities on Sage Intacct and gain efficiency using dimensions, dashboards, and reports? Join us and hear from Sage Intacct MVPs about how they’ve transformed their businesses with Sage Intacct. The lineup includes Vincent DiRaddo, Director of Finance & Administration, Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc., Ted Weitzel, VP of Finance and Operations, G2 Crowd, and Grant Christianson, Controller, Code42 Software. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Panel Ben Kang, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Grant Christianson, Code42 Software, Inc.
Ted Weitzel, G2 Crowd
Vincent DiRaddo, Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.
CORE-609 - Plan Without Compromise Today’s modern business environment is increasingly complex. Rapidly changing economic conditions, increasing regulatory guidelines, and ever-growing amounts of data mean that the ability to quickly model and re-forecast are critical. Unfortunately, many companies suffer from static planning—a manual, inflexible, time-consuming, and error-prone process, which forces them to compromise between getting their plans and forecasts done right or just getting them done. Learn how multiple companies are turning to “active planning” using Adaptive Insights integrated with their Sage Intacct data to increase agility, enhance collaboration, and improve decision-making. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Panel Rob Hull, Adaptive Insights
Russ Nicholls, ServiceTitan Inc.
Martijn Tel, SiriusDecisions Inc.
Dino Gioia, Strativario, LLC
CORE-629 - Reconciliations: What, Why, and How? Are you reconciling your accounts at the end of each month? Is the finance department constantly pressuring you to close the books faster? In this panel discussion hear from your peers at Indeed, StackOverflow, Code42 and VelocityEHS as they discuss best practices for staying audit-ready by streamlining the reconciliations process. Gain insight into real-life examples of workflow adjustments to address common challenges such as data management, version control, and standardization, as well as best practices for improving month-end close time and accuracy. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Panel Mike Whitmire, FloQast
Jill Alexander, Code42 Software
Jerry Raphael, Stack Overflow
Heather Norum, VelocityEHS
Jake Berg, indeed
CORE-685 - Increase Efficiency and Correct Data Entry with Dimension Relationships Financial dimensions in Sage Intacct allow the system to create reports with greater operational context. However, if your organization processes a lot of transactions, the manual process of tagging these entries may prove troublesome. That's where dimension relationships come into play. We'll review what dimension relationships are and how they help increase efficiency and reduce errors. Then, we'll go into more depth regarding the setup and maintenance of these relationships. Learn about enabling dimension relationships in platform services, the different types of relationships, setting priorities, and how to forge relationships when importing master data. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Wes Salisbury, Maner Costerisan
CORE-703 - Create Your Own Comprehensive Best-in-Class Application Strategy Join us for a discussion on how to build a comprehensive application strategy leveraging your investment in Sage Intacct. Find out the key benefits of a best-in-class application strategy. Identify common needs beyond Sage Intacct’s capabilities to achieve your organizational and technological objectives. See how to leverage the Sage Intacct Marketplace to expand your application ecosystem. Learn to determine your key criteria for applications and how to evaluate functional fit. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Brent Darsch, CrossCountry Consulting
CORE-720 - Increase Sales and Finance Efficiency by Integrating with your CRM Many companies are aggressively integrating Sage Intacct with their CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and more. Come see brief demonstrations on integrations between Sage Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. Learn firsthand how integrating these systems is transforming how companies run, and enabling them to transcend growing pains that previously were holding them back. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Glenn Sharp, LBMC Technology Solutions
CORE-767 - Unify Accounting and Fixed Assets Functionality Become the master of your company’s assets with Sage Intacct Fixed Assets. See how to increase control and reduce risk by efficiently tracking assets, clearly communicate book values to stakeholders using visual dashboards and reports, eliminate data re-entry with a single set of asset data, increase your accuracy throughout the complete asset lifecycle, and secure access to your asset records, even after a loss. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Andy Morris, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-785 - Lighten Your Tax Burden with AvaTax Are you planning for growth or have you experienced some rapid growth already? Keeping up with ever-changing state tax rates and rules while striving to be strategic partners for growth puts a strain on accounting and finance teams. The good news for you is that AvaTax is already integrated into Sage Intacct—one less thing to worry about. Learn how enabling AvaTax in Sage Intacct solved a company’s issues like calculating tax rates, verifying customer information, updating taxability rules, applying exemptions, remitting sales tax, and even filing tax returns. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Andrew Kim, Avalara
Beatrice Negru, Duo Security
CORE-837 - Pushing the Envelope with Sage Intacct Purchasing See how Sage Intacct Purchasing and the flexible procure-to-pay functionality allow a burgeoning process to become streamlined while creating a positive economic impact. We’ll demonstrate the efficiency and control gained through proper use of purchase order transaction definitions, workflow, permissions, and approvals. The session focuses on a company that leverages the Sage Intacct Purchasing flexibility across 75 business units. Each unit requires their own purchasing document entry, document conversion, and specific purchase items, as well as unique GL expense and inventory posting accounts. They also require specific manager approvals for respective business units. If your role involves procure-to-pay, regardless of industry, please join us in this can’t-miss session on Sage Intacct Purchasing. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation David Caldwell, Maner Costerisan
CORE-850 - Enjoy a Seamless Month-End Close Do you want to increase efficiency in your month-end close? Learn to handle the top issues related to reconciling AP/AR with the GL. See the different steps to follow to balance AR/AP verses balancing the GL. Learn tips and tricks to keep them in balance using Smart Rules, configuration, and more. See what can be closed prior to “month end close” procedures and what only affects the GL. Also, get tips on using charge payoffs with and without fund transfers and how that affects the AP aging. 1 Hour Presentation Sandy McClure, AcctTwo
CORE-867 - Reduce DSO and Improve Cash Flow with Sage Intacct Collections 3 Sage Intacct Collections 3.0 is completely new! Learn how to use the new Sage Intacct Collections module to follow up on open invoices, send dunning emails, track communication, and be more effective and efficient with managing your receivables. See how Sage Intacct Collections helps you prioritize your day and focus on the most important receivables. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Nik Puni, Sage Intacct, Inc.
CORE-991 - Implementing Sage Intacct Global Consolidations Are you involved in implementing or are you moving to Sage Intacct Global Consolidations? Join us as a Sage Intacct partner and customer shares lessons learned through their implementation of Sage Intacct Global Consolidations. Find out what you need to know going in and what you can expect during the implementation process from a been-there-done-that perspective. CPE: 1 1 Hour Presentation Jeff Vonasek, SSi Consulting
Karen Riordan, SSi Consulting
EXPO - Marketplace Expo Happy Hour Join us for a drink and spend some time visiting with our partners to learn about other best-in-class solutions that complement your Sage Intacct solution. Or, check out what's new in the Sage Intacct Demo Zone and meet with Sage Intacct experts explore the new features. 1 Hour 30 Minutes Special Event
FIN-097 - Maximizing the Value of Statistical Accounts Learn how Trilogy Global Advisors LP uses stat accounts to capture and report on key metrics.This session will cover the basics of stat accounts, how to determine what data you should capture, planning for data capture, and finally using the flexibility of dimensions to create powerful reports. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation John Myklusch, Trilogy Global AdvisorsLP
FIN-243 - Sage Intacct: GL and Beyond! Join us as Jason Gabauer of Halstatt, LLC discusses how to use Sage Intacct not as strictly a GL but a tool for financial service companies to track and report valuation of assets through reports and dashboards. Key takeaways include constructing the chart of accounts and groups to create the valuation tool in the GL, creating reporting to develop a history of valuation that aids a financial services CIO or team in decision making, creating the dashboard that makes your investment team nimble when updated information is needed quickly, and maintaining a creative mind when developing this program for your team. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Jason Gabauer, Halstatt, LLC
FIN-903 - A Case Study: Using Sage Intacct to Manage a Family Office During this session, attendees will learn how Sage Intacct is a natural fit for single and multi-family offices and how it solves for the many common pain points these organizations face. Attendees will hear directly from a Sage Intacct customer who recently completed their finance transformation journey to streamline their accounting function through the implementation of Sage Intacct. Topics of discussion will include lessons learned, project highlights, and key areas of functionality that drove the project's success. 1 Hour Presentation Ian Howells, Sage Intacct, Inc.
Janet Welch, DFO
FIN-950 - Instant Consolidations and Real-time Business Insight Hear Financial Services expert Michael Dolence, Vice President of Operations for Pride Investment, a real estate/PE firm, discuss his approach to consolidations, multiple charts of accounts, and dashboards. Learn about the benefits that Sage Intacct delivered by reducing consolidations from days to minutes, slashing the chart of accounts by 50%, providing "slice and dice" analytics, and providing real-time KPI dashboards to drive investment decisions. CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Mike Dolence, Pride Investment Partners
FIN-951 - Moving from a System of Record to a System of Intelligence Join us as Len Weedman, Controller at Trian Fund Management, L.P., a multi-billion dollar investment management firm, discusses the sophisticated dashboard techniques that Sage Intacct delivers. Len has developed insight-driven dashboards that allow him to track investments: * By year, entity, fund, partner, startegy, and asset class * with full control of partial allocations * with instant multi-fund/entity consolidation CPE: N/A 1 Hour Presentation Leonard Weedman, Trian Fund Managment LP
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